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The School OT - Occupational Therapy for Children

The School OT - Occupational Therapy for Children

The School OT - Occupational Therapy for ChildrenThe School OT - Occupational Therapy for Children


Occupational Therapy supports children who are struggling to participate in daily routines and activities. An individualised occupational therapy assessment gives a clear indication of your child's functional performance and informs a comprehensive report.  Recommendations based on your child's needs and interests are provided to support your child to participate as successfully and independently as possible in age related activities, and to reach their full potential.

What does An OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY assessment include?

Standardised / non standardised assessment (at home and /or school)

Observation at home and or school 

Discussion with class staff and SENCo

Discussion with parent / carer

Detailed report

Feedback meeting


EHCP provision

EHCP provision

EHCP provision

Does your child have specific Occupational Therapy targets outlined in their EHCP?

Contact us to discuss how the School OT can help.

1-1 Therapy

EHCP provision

EHCP provision

After assessment the School OT can undertake individualised 1-1 therapy with your child, working on their identified goals. These sessions can be done both at home or school.


Sensory Processing Assessment

"Thank you so much for your clear and detailed report, which clearly outlines my child's sensory processing difficulties and how they can be supported at home and school. 

I found the whole assessment process very informative and the fact that you could help with my child's sleep was and an added bonus!"

Mum, St Ives



Occupational Therapy Assessment & 1-1 Therapy Programme

"We would like to thank you so much for the very informative report which  highlighted the difficulties our child had with fine motor skills.

Since your weekly sessions with (child) and the therapy programme that you implemented in school, the difference has just been amazing! (Child) enjoys your sessions and often asks when he will see you again!

At parents evening the Head Teacher advised that she was really happy that you were coming into school, as the Teaching Assistants had learnt so much from you!

Thanks again!"

Parents - East Midlands