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The School OT - Occupational Therapy for Children

The School OT - Occupational Therapy for Children

The School OT - Occupational Therapy for ChildrenThe School OT - Occupational Therapy for Children

Supporting schools, children and families

In Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and the East Midlands 

Occupational Therapy in School


Support for School

Collaborative working with school staff to identify need

Strategies and ideas to support whole class participation and learning

Recommendations for equipment

Support knowledge and understanding of the children's needs

Advise on sensory diets and equipment

Sensory Circuit set up / review

Relaxation strategies

Training for school staff 

Training for parents / carers

Assessment and report based on OT needs

Report to support EHCP assessment request 

Liaison with parent / carer

Flexible service provision to meet the needs of your school


Universal Design for Learning


  • Staff training
  • Parent workshops
  • Collaborative working with staff
  • Classroom sensory and self regulation strategies


Individual or small group therapy to support an identified need.

  • Fine / gross motor skills
  • Handwriting
  • Foundations for fine motor
  • Body awareness and co-ordination


Individual Intervention

  • Assessment and report
  • 1-1 therapy
  • Provision of specific equipment
  • EHCP targets

Consultation Service


RegUlar sChool Visits

There are many benefits to subscribing to our regular (minimum of 3 hrs per half term) Occupational Therapy Consultation Service.

Identification of Need - No waiting lists

The THERAPIST Becomes an Integral part of the school Team

Knowledge of Staff Enhanced

Access Preferential Rates

Reduced hourly rate ( excluding OT assessment)

Example of how hours can be used;

- class observations

- staff training

- sensory circuit review

- sleep support parent drop - in sessions


"Having Ellie regularly in school is very beneficial to both the children and staff. The staff have learnt so much and carry this knowledge into the classroom. The fact that Ellie has been based within the school environment for many years gives her an understanding of the time and staff 

restraints that schools can face."

SENCo - Peterborough 

Training for school / pre- school & nurseries


Sensory Circuit

Sensory circuits is a fun sensory motor skills programme that supports children to be in appropriate arousal level to be ready to learn.

Sensory circuits supports children with difficulties in sensory processing, attention and concentration, fine and gross motor and self care skills.

Many schools report positive benefits of running a daily sensory circuit.

Training for school staff

Support to develop and run an effective sensory circuit

Sensory Processing Difficulties

Difficulties with sensory processing can have a huge impact on how a child participates in daily routines and activities.  An understanding of sensory processing and provision of sensory strategies can support a child's successful learning and participation in school.

Our training will provide school staff with:

- An understanding of sensory processing difficulties

- The ability to identify behaviours that may indicate difficulties with sensory processing

- Strategies and advice on how to support a child's sensory needs within the school  environment 


Did you know that handwriting is one of the most complex skills that children need to acquire?

Components of handwriting include;

Visual processing

Hand eye co-ordination

Bilateral co-ordination

Fine motor skills

Hand and finger strength

Postural control

Our training will support school staff to identify why children are having difficulties with handwriting tasks. Together with advice on equipment, strategies and therapy programmes to support children to successfully record their ideas in writing.

Let's get ready to write!

A pre - writing skills workshop for staff working in settings with children aged 3 to 5 years of age. 

 Learn about the skills essential for pre-writing development ;

- The importance of gross motor skills

- The developmental sequence of handwriting

- Shape formation before letter formation 



Time to SLeep!

Workshop for parent / carers and school staff who work with parents (max 12 attendees)

- Learn about the importance of sleep

- Identify sleep difficulties

- Strategies and advice to support the sleep needs of children

SEND coffee Mornings

Time To Sleep!

A shorter talk on the importance of sleep and strategies to support good sleep in children