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Ellie Clarke was invited onto Rutland Radio to be interviewed by Lydia Meredith, to discuss children's sleep difficulties.

Sleep difficulties in children - The importance of sleep

Children and Sleep


Around 40% of typically developing children have sleep difficulties ( rising to 70- 80% of children with disabilities and / or additional needs).  A sleep difficulty can present as ; struggling in falling asleep ( self settling) with disruptive behaviour at bedtime, waking in the night and disturbing the sleep of other family members, sharing a bed with parents or early waking.

A good nights sleep is essential for the physical, emotional and mental well being of children (and their parents!) Restful and adequate sleep supports optimal performance, participation and engagement in daily life.

Children with sleep issues can present with difficulties with attention, concentration and behaviour which in turn impact on their learning ability.


Not getting enough sleep can impact on a child’s growth and their overall ability to reach their full potential.

Sleep deprivation can have a huge impact on parents and carers, with relationships, health and well being, and work being affected. The sleep pattern of siblings can be disrupted, resulting in difficulty in participating in daily routines (such as school).

Bespoke Sleep Support for children aged 12 months - 11 years old


As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and a Certified Sleep Practitioner,  I am experienced in supporting the learning, development and participation of children. 

Using a behavioural approach to sleep I will investigate your child's sleep history through sleep diaries, parental questionnaire and through telephone / Skype / FaceTime or face to face consultation (within 30 miles of Peterborough)  in your home.

This information will lead to a bespoke sleep programme / strategies and advice (dependent on which sleep package selected) to suit your child and family's individual needs.  This family centred approach does NOT include leaving your child to “cry it out”, which is distressing for both child and family. 

See our range of Sleep Packages.

Sleep support includes information on;


Sleep and diet 

Creating a Sleep friendly bedroom

Supporting Sensory needs at bedtime

Relaxation tips to help sleep

The importance of routine

Strategies to support self settling

 Sleep support provides parents with the knowledge, tools and strategies to promote good sleep hygiene, remove inappropriate sleep associations and night time waking and to encourage independent self settling.  



Waking in the night

 Our 3 year old has struggled with sleep since she was a baby. She didn’t really nap during the day and then started to struggle at night often waking me 5 or 6 times each night. Trying to work full time and manage this was becoming very difficult. Ellie was fantastic and took the time to really understand the issues and suggest some practical solutions. Within a week she was settling much better and started to sleep through the night. Ellie also helped when we had a set back and we returned to waking at night time. Ellie guided us through this process too. Thank you so much Ellie. 

Delighted Mum, Lincolnshire

Difficulties falling asleep


We were having real difficulty in calming our 2 year old daughter at bedtime, she was over excited and bedtime was a real ordeal for us all. After an initial consultation with Ellie, where we explained our issues, Ellie devised a sleep programme for our daughter that was easy for us to follow and which was very effective almost immediately. Ellie supported us each step of the way and was very quick to reply to any questions and to reassure us if we started to doubt ourselves. We now have a tranquil atmosphere leading up to bedtime with a happy daughter and relaxed parents. An invaluable service!

Wendy K , London